Welcome to Tim Dudley Show (A Tribute To Elvis)

     We would like to welcome you to Tim Dudley Show official website.  If this is your first time visiting the website.  Please be sure check out every section of the website.  There is video's, picture and more of Tim Dudley on stage.  Also be sure pay close attention to section before you click on it because some do have drop down box for more than one page on that section.  

       We like to note, Tim Dudley puts on very respectful & classy also very family friendly tribute to Elvis Presley.  He also gives GOD & Jesus Christ all the glory while he performs on stage.  Tim give all the credit to his creator God.

        If you like to book Tim Dudley please go to Contact area and will tell you many ways to book Tim Dudley.  We hope to see you at one of Tim's shows.  God bless!

Shows added, check out Show date section and click on the date for information!

Great turn out for 3rd show at The State Theater.  Tim Dudley will be booked back there through out 2015 season!  With special guest headliners with him for one or two shows. 

Call 574-968-8384 to book Tim Dudley Show today!



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