Tim Dudley Show Updates

Once a month get updates of up coming shows, or things that are coming down the line for Tim Dudley Show (Tribute to King of Rock-n-Roll).

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Taking bookings for 2024/2025 now, dates are filling up. So contact us today! 

Tim Dudley is honored for 6th year strait to be booked for Mishawaka Summer Concert Series! Tim has broken audience record for Monday night twice in 2019 & 2022. Can we make it 3rd in 2024? God willing! Click on logo below to see Tim's performance and other performance in Mishawaka this year!  Also, for 5th year strait Tim Dudley Show returns to Hartford, MI. Please click on their logo for Tim's performance date and others.   Also, goes for City of Niles and more. Tim is humbled and honored to return year after year to these amazing Concert Series. 

Tim Dudley Jumpsuit (and future jumpsuits) made by Pro Elvis Jumpsuits.